What we do

“Give yourself permission to spend time reflecting on what you’re really passionate about. What gets you out of bed every morning? Whether it’s food, fitness, design, travel or finance – it’s crucial that you identify what it is that drives you to succeed.

I read this a few years ago to find our passion and follow it. This was the time that I made a choice, choice to become an entrepreneur and follow my passion to help people  plan the financial future through proper financial planning, Set your Life Goals and do what  you can early in life, so that you can to realize them early.

I identified that my passion was to apply my knowledge, skills and experience to start, develop and run businesses in the financial services industry with the experience i gained over a decade in this field.

It’s that same passion that has driven me to where  I am today”.

Amit S
Financial Planner & Founder
Sasna Trinity finlife

Former Branch Head and Senior Manager
ICICI Bank & HDFC Bank

SASNA TRINITY finlife deals with not only clients investments, but also focus on all intersections of financial decisions.

The cliche, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” really applies to the concept of intelligent investing. Diversification lowers your risk of loss by spreading your money across various industries and geographic regions. It is a rare occasion when see all stocks declining at the same time and in the same proportion, this makes mutual fund a great choice, especially these days between work, family,and friends, most of us do not have the time to make or monitor personal investment decisions on a regular basis. Mutual funds have qualified professionals who do all this for you. This is the reason why, the world over, they have become the most popular means of investing.

As part of our comprehensive service, for further advice on mutual funds of leading mutual fund houses feel free to contact us and visit mutual fundssection in SERVICES tab for more information on mutual funds and go through the self learning videos uploaded in this section, You can also contact me by contacting me on the number provided in the contact details and fix appointment

Financial advisory

Professional financial service through assessing an investor’s risk tolerance is all about determining his/her willingness to take investment risk, and financial capacity to bear risk, and blending it together to match to an appropriate investment portfolio. Most commonly, this is done with a risk tolerance questionnaire that posts a series of questions about time horizon and need for income, and attitudes about risk and market volatility, to calculate a “risk score” and determine the portfolio that goes with it.

Protection plan

To access the risk profile and provide the the protection of life, health in addition to accidents considering the liability and human life value is a very important factor for proper insurance protection for an individual and the dependents. If done prudently to a great extend offset the financial loss arising from the death of the bread winner.

General Insurance plan

This covers all the health insurance plans for hospitalization, compensating the hospital stay, insurance for all types of vehicles, Group insurance plans, for corporate and shop insurance or commercial insurance and existing policies also can be renewed through the Portal office outlet.